Sok Joy

Custom Athletic Streetwear

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Be You. Use the power of your words, elaborate what you want the socks to be and say

I look forward to designing  your unique set of socks! Long lasting vibrant designs. 

How it works: You will receive a final draft of your professionally designed socks within 24 hours. Once you approve, your order will begin production. For larger orders expect a slightly longer wait time. I am transparent and easy to get a hold of if you may have any questions.

For longevity we recommend these simple cleaning/care steps:                (1.) Separate socks by dark and light colors  before washing (2.) Turn Socks inside out (It keeps socks smelling fresh, and preserves the exterior) (3.) Mild Detergent Light Wash with Cold Water (4.) Hang to dry is the best, but if you insist a Light tumble dry on a cool setting, dryer sheets are okay to use